My Projects

From an early age I was always told what I couldn’t do, never encouraged to reach for my true goals. Living with my disease isn’t something I would wish for anyone else, but certainly I wouldn’t have become the man I am today without it. I view everything that has happened to me as a blessing, and I want to just chronicle some of the projects I’m working on here so everyone can keep track of what I’m doing and how far along my progress is.

Clearing our homestead.  My partner and I are currently clearing around 3 acres of land by hand. We wanted some additional space for the goats, or else we wouldn’t even think about removing these woods. I’m using a chainsaw along with some chainsaw chaps to protect me in case I don’t notice the cut. He does the same!

Starting my own sign-making business. I have a post all about weekend jobs you can get, so to keep myself amused and busy (plus some extra money doesn’t hurt) I’ve started a side business of making signs.