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DIY T-Shirt Making TipsDIY T-Shirt Making Tips

There are many methods of making a t-shirt, but before we get started, let’s consider a few questions. Why do you want to print a t-shirt? For yourself, or for a business? Do you already have a t-shirt design, and if so, is it addressing the right audience?

In today’s guide, you shall look at different steps of printing t-shirts. Read below to find all the DIY t-shirt making tips you need.

Reasons To Print A T-Shirt

You have to finalize the basic concept behind your t-shirt. If it’s a product launch, it will need some branding. If it is fashion merchandise still it will require some sort of branding.

If you’re making a t-shirt for personal reasons, it should communicate a singular, clear design.

Consider: is it a luxurious theme, or intended to be affordable?  If you are targeting a conservative section or aim to be classy and trendy, you need to know this.

By making this clear, the next steps are going to be a lot easier to take on.

Your Budget

Another important aspect is to settle on is your budget and the number of shirts to make.

From the beginning, you should consider how many colors will work with your design: more colors means more money. If you are tight on the budget it is a good idea to limit the color variety. Some t-shirts designs aren’t ideal for bulk printing, which means that you will need additional cost for individual printing.  So it’s sensible to finalize the budget and quantity beforehand.

If you’re going to use a die cutting machine to make your design, don’t skimp out and just get one of the inexpensive manual machines like a Sizzix. These aren’t good for mass-producing shirts, so you’ll want something from Silhouette or Cricut most likely.

Printing Options

There are three printing options available.

  • Screen printing is the master of them all. Your printer will make a screen print for all the colors in your design enabling you to print in bulk.
  • Vinyl graphics are more reliable than screen printing involving heat transfer. The result is an extremely high-quality image that doesn’t bleed or crack. It uses vinyl instead of traditional inks.
  • Direct to a garment is the third way which is the best of all the printing methods. It uses an inkjet printer to print directly on the fabric.
  • Stencils. If you have a die cutting machine, you can just check out a tutorial like this one: how to make a stencil with Cricut. Even if you don’t have a vinyl cutter yet, they aren’t too expensive and will often pay for themselves within the first few shirts you make.

Search For An Appropriate Designer

No matter how creative you are, leave the designing to the pros. You can search the internet for various designers who will give an edge to your concept. Just be clear about the ideas with them and you will find someone whose creativity will resonate with your own.

Assess Your First Design

No matter how wonderful your design looks like; its print on the t-shirt is what will make the mark. Before hitting the printer for bulk printing, thoroughly look at the sample. Ask anyone outside of your business bout the flaws so they will tell you the truth

Hit The Printer

Now is the time to realize your dream. Invest in a printer that can follow your dreams in the long run. Most printing companies welcome visitors. You can check on the facilities and benefit from their expertise.